The most wonderful personal lubricant in the world!! We love this stuff!!!

Firefly Organics Personal Lubricant is truly amazing. We believe it is one of the healthiest and safest products on the market, bar none. In fact, we have tried so many products like this but we keep going back to Firefly Organics because it offers all the benefits of a water-based personal lubricant without the drawbacks. The reason I say this is because it doesn't dry out and it doesn't get sticky at all. In fact, it never dries, and mainly because it doesn't contain water! But also, it doesn't contain all the problematic stuff that other products have like preservatives, chemicals, silicones, glycerin, proplylene glycol and junk! We just love this product. In fact, we buy it for our friends for birthdays and anniversaries because we know that they will love it!

The best part about it is that it is really, really gentle, and it doesn't have anything in it that can be irritating or sensitizing, and I know a lot of women have problems with personal lubricants like Astroglide and KY because of all the chemicals inside of them, and I know what a problem that can be! This product is made from 100% natural ingredients without any additives and sensitizing chemicals! In fact, it is so gentle, you can enjoy it for hours without having to reapply, except for guys, I would imagine, who have happy habits and don't ever like to stop what they are into, but that isn't for me to judge!! I know my husband loves this stuff when I am not at home and he uses it like it is going out of style! He says that it doesn't irritate him no matter how long he enjoys it unlike the other products we have tried, which can be really irritating to sensitive skin! He used to use this petroleum-based product which made him break out in a rash and his skin was really sensitive to it! He switched to this and loves it and swears by it and make me buy it for him all the time. Which makes me happy, as long as he is happy! I'm just playing! It works for both of us and we both love it.

The best thing I can say about this product, Firefly, is that it can make life much more enjoyable in several ways, including bringing pleasure back into your relationship! Even for women who are past a certain point in their lives when sexual intercourse is difficult, you will find that it can change that for you with daily applications or weekly applications. I talked to the owners of the company and they conferred that many of their customers even use their product to treat chronic symptoms for pain relief. Imagine that, something made from plant ingredients solving chronic problems for older women! Just amazing! The only thing I don't like is that you can only get their product online at, and not in stores and at other shops! I guess it allows them to control the quality of their support and service to customers. They really had no interest in making me a distributor, which I happily suggested, because I could do pretty well distributing this stuff! They explained that they were a small, quality oriented company focused on ecologically sensitive product development and were more interested in the quality of life they were leading than becoming salespersons! Imagine that! A company that doesn't want to make more money!! I laughed, but to each his own. It sounds like they are enjoying the California Riviera more than they are working, sounds like! I would imagine living and working in Laguna Beach, California has its perks and benefits! Wouldn't mind it myself!

I asked them about trade fairs and sales conventions they had shown their product at and they told me they stopped doing that a long time ago because it was too much work and they preferred to be surfing rather than wearing suits to some parade!! They told me about the time they were on television in Chicago during prime news time at the first launch of their product at the All Things Organic Tradeshow in 2001. They said they almost lost their cool when so many distributors wanted to carry their product! They told me about the time they were flying to Canada and abroad to meet with sales reps and warehouse vendors to support product sales. I don't think it was their cup of tea! I think they liked right where they were and enjoyed their quality of living! It makes sense. You can either be a workhorse or not, and they were determined to do something good for people without screwing up their quality of life at the same time! Don't blame them, just happy they made this product! I took them up on their offer to send me a sample, since we were starting this website reviewing personal lubricants and personal care products and haven't been happier with their product!

Look for it at and ask yourself why you haven't ordered a case of it yet! Originally this was called Nude® Organic Personal Lubricant or Nude® Lubricant. In the past few years, they have changed the products packaging and the name brand of the product to reflect a growing market for green, organic and natural living products and made their mark in the marketplace by creating the World's First Certified Organic Lubricant ever to be offered to the public. There were numerous press releases and lots of media coverage for this event, as strange as it may seem, because in 2004 no one had dreamed of a "Certified Organic Lubricant" before, and certainly no one had created a product like that before. We knew they were known for their contribution to creating changes in the marketplace and the organic laws in the United States seem to have evolved up around them, so to speak. Now they have imitators like Yes™ Lubricant and some others abroad, but several people have tried to imitate them but none successfully. We know you will enjoy their product and their customers speak for themselves!! This is a great product!! Have a blast!! And thanks for reading!!

We believe that the most important thing to consider when selecting a product to use on your body or to eat, is if it can be grown by certain methods or harvested by certain methods.

In other words, if you are going to put something on your skin, it isn't any different than if you were going to eat it, don't you think? 

The best way to assess the products you are using in your personal care or intimate regimen is to ask yourself if the ingredients included are "manufactured" or "harvested." The easiest way to answer that is to ask yourself if the ingredient can be grown either by planting or by picking or collecting. In other words, even honey can be harvested but not necessarily grown. And salt can be collected but not necessarily planted. See what we mean??

To determine if your products contain anything unnatural, you can always ask the manufacturer or just look up their ingredients online very easily!! You can even check out this great site that references the benign nature of each ingredient used in the cosmetics and personal care industry: It's called Skin Deep, and it tells you everything you want to know about cosmetic safety and harmlessness of ingredients and it is very accurate and filled with information and safety data!! There is another great site called Green People that really gets into the details and lists numerous manufacturers and product groups for healthy living!!

Not all products are the same and many contain very dangerous carcinogenic ingredients known to cause cancer and create disease in lab animals!! And you know what a problem animal testing has with karma and the like! We don't like animal testing at all and many companies support animal or rat testing and probably the same companies are using ingredients in their products that you shouldn't be using on your bodies either, since they need to test for safety limits and percentages before they can put an ingredient in their product to meet safety codes! That means in so many words, if they have to test it on an animal or rodent, then they probably shouldn't be putting that in their products in the first place. Though we don't live in Utopia and this is a practical website and we are not living in an ideal world, so we realize that not everything is the way it could be or could ideally be set up! Even though people die everyday from exposure to these chemicals and or long term exposure to them through cosmetics and personal care products worldwide! There just isn't any higher level of regulation and all the government agencies are bought out by lobbyists over the years and nobody really knows what is really safe anymore.

We just know that Mother Nature doesn't grown much that has been made from chemical substitutions and synthetic chemical processing!! 

Read your ingredient lists before you buy and make sure it doesn't contain stuff like hydro-carbon petroleums, parabens, silicones, glycols, etc. All of these potentially create compound allergic responses from the body!! All of them!!

And the best "preservative" we have found on the market is rose ether distillates of phenoxyethanol, made from natural sources. This preservative seems to have an excellent profile making it very amiable to human skin. Another great preservative with super natural benefits and is very effective is something called glyceryl monocaprylate and is Eco-Cert certified, and is manufactured from natural plant sources. Preservatives are a touchy subject and one we don't treat lightly! But if you don't have a product with water in it, or water-based ingredients, then the only thing that is necessary is some way to keep the product fresh, and most skin care manufacturers use natural Vitamin E for this or rosemary oleoresin. Both of which are fine if you aren't allergic to soy-based vitamin E, which most of you aren't, most probably!! It is a very benign and healthy ingredient and often is listed as tocopherols or natural tocopherols in ingredient lists for products.

The most important thing to remember when picking out products for your skin and your body is that they don't contain petroleum-based ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, parabens, etc. And try to stay away from names you can't pronounce if possible. Though you may need to learn a little Latin, since most plant-based ingredients are listed with their Latin nomenclature!! (LOL)

Buy the best!! Buy natural and check your ingredient lists!!


It Was A Blast!!

In the Bahamas
It was a blast!! We had a ball on our honeymoon!!

Thanks to all our friends who showed up at the wedding and for all the gifts!! I don't know how we are going to make room for all the toasters and Waterford crystal but somebody's got to do it!! Haha!!

Thanks so much for all your kind thoughts and prayers!! Looking forward to many more enjoyable years together!! Hopefully many!!

Hope you enjoy the new website for product reviews!! We just came up with it at the last minute right before our honeymoon and wanted to share our discoveries with others!! Stay tuned!! We have an awesome review of a great new product we found before we left and we did lots of experimenting with it along the way!! That is before we actually got to the Bahamas!! (LOL)...

Doing It Right!!
We just wanted to do the right thing when we got married!

We wanted to make sure that we started off right the first time!! We were old enough to make our own decisions and create our own lives as we saw fit! We weren't 21 anymore and we knew what we wanted from life!  We were determined to do it right the first time around and when we got married we designed our own letterhead!! 

We also wrote our own vows and our own wedding routine, and since the only thing that really counts is our happiness, the fact that we got married was just a part of it. We wanted to be happy together according to our own rules instead of everyone else's rules! So, we did it our way and signed the marriage certificates and the rest was handwritten by us:

"I solemnly swear to be true to my Maker and provide you with every opportunity to live without further removal from His presence and all abiding love. As always, in Love, Truthfully yours, [Name Here]."

These were our vows, short and sweet, with a few added lines which I won't mention here. But, sure enough, we were determined to establish our own happiness according to our rules. It felt so ancient and benign and without all the death till us part nonsense. Who decided that anyway!! Who said that if you promise you have to promise for the rest of your life! Where did that come from? Who made up that stupid rule! "I promise to promise what?"

Anyway, we decided to make a ball of it and have the time of our lives while we were living!! Not after we were dead!! Who said anything about death? We wanted something entirely truthful to our Maker and our Creator and this vow seemed the right fit. We got it from an old book that talked about the way things used to be before government and religion got involved in things and screwed it all up! Seems like life was pretty simple way back when, and life is pretty simple now even now!

Hope you enjoy our new website devoted to natural living product for intimate health and happiness!


Recent Comments!!

  • My husband and I fell in love with this product several years ago!! We only use organic products and this organic lubricant never gives us any problems!!

    Mary and Paul
    April 20, 2009
  • My husband would always get irritated with the personal lubricants we were using! I could never find anything to please him. Then I found this organic lubricant by Firefly Organics and it worked perfectly for us!! Thank you for referring us to it!

  • I just want to know if there is anything else I can use. I have been using this KY lubricant for a long time and it is the worst! Can you recommend something for my husband and I?

  • I was wondering about organic lubricants myself. There are so many different types of organic lube on the market and I can tell what is what! This Firefly product sounds amazing! I can't wait to try it! Thank you for recommending it to us! Keep up the great work and happy days ahead!!

  • Firefly Natural Personal Lubricant is really super. After I read your article, my friend told me about the same thing and she gave me one of her unopened bottles to try. She buys it by the 1/2 dozen so she never runs out and she gives them for wedding gifts and party favors! Can you imagine getting this in your stocking?? Hee hee.

    B. Thompson
    April 20, 2009
  • I asked a girlfriend of mine about your recommendation for Nude® Lubricant or Firefly® Lubricant, which is what it is called now. She has been using it for the last couple of years and is really happy with it and so is her husband. She said it changed their sex life for the better and now they are happy as clams! They go on vacation and this is what they pack!! I need to get some of this for my wife!

  • Organic Lube, organic lube, organic lube is all I hear nowadays!! It seems like Applied Organics, who makes Firefly® and who once made Nude Lubricant have really set the standard for natural personal care products. I read the press release about how they started the business in 2004 and my wife said she has always known about them!! Looks like I am a lucky chicken! I keep waiting for them to come out with another skin care product for my face and the rest of my body! Organic Lubricant wasn't created by God, it was created by Applied Organics, and then others began to imitate them, but never as well!

    John and Robbie
    April 21, 2009
  • I heard that because of the NOP in the United States no personal lubricant can carry the USDA Seal in the United States. That is why Applied Organics doesn't use the USDA seal, because the laws don't accommodate this class of product anymore. It did at one time but as soon as Applied Organics introduced Nude® Certified Organic Lubricant they had to write new laws because no one had ever thought about this kind of product. Talk about innovators leading the pack!!

  • I never thought of using an "organic lube" or "organic lubricant." The idea of using an organic personal lubricant is about the strangest thing I can imagine! Looks like I have some catching up to do!!

  • I think it is so important to pay attention to what companies are putting in their products nowadays because you cannot trust a government filled with underpayed employees to keep a vigilant eye out for you. You have to do it yourself, and vigilance never sleeps!!